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Introduction to Numbers

Introduction to Numbers

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Part 1: zero to ten

Hello! In this lesson, you will learn about the English cardinal numbers from zero to ten. The cardinal numbers are critical to developing your skills in English. They will assist you with dates, time, and of course, counting. The numbers system may seem complex at first, but soon you will notice a pattern.

Let us start with the numbers zero to ten. Once you are able to master these numbers, you will find that many of the other numbers are derivative of these. Let us start by looking at them and saying them aloud.

0 zero

1 one

2 two

3 three

4 four

5 five

6 six

7 seven

8 eight

9 nine

10 ten

Let's practice with these numbers. Once you have memorized all of them, most of the other numbers will be simple to remember, as they are composed from the names of these numbers.

Keep in mind that any of the numbers can be used as adjectives in place of an article. For example, instead of saying “I have a car”, we could say “I have one car”. It means the same thing, but rather than using an article, we are describing the amount of cars we have. The same goes for any other number. If you own multiple pens, you may say “I have ten pens” or “I have 10 pens”.


Excellent! Now that you have a basic understanding of the English cardinal numbers, you can now count in English from zero to ten. Practice what you have learned and soon we will learn how to tell time and give dates!