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Review Lesson 24

Review Lesson 24

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Review Lesson 24


Hello! We have learned a lot in these last few lessons. Let us take a moment to review what we have learned.

First, we learned to discuss various geographic locations. We learned that we can use the familiar preposition "to" to go "to the mountains", "to the country", or "to the city".

On the way to "the mountains", we might see "a hill", "a trail", "a meadow", and "a stream".

While we are "in the mountains", we might see "a cliff", "a falls", and "a river".

While we are "in the mountains", we might "go hiking: or "go climbing".

On the way to "the country", we might see "a creek", "a farm", and "a road."

While we are "in the country", we might "go fishing" "go birdwatching".

When we are "in the city", we might see "a monument", "a skyscraper", and "a highway".We might "go shopping" or "go sightseeing".

Finally, we learned to use the conjunction “than”. We learned that the conjunction "than" is used to compare one person, place, thing, or idea to another person, place, thing, or idea.

We used the conjunction "than" when we learned how to use comparative adjectives, in sentences like "David is taller than Jennifer." In addition to its common use in comparisons with comparative adjectives and adverbs, the conjunction "than" can also be used to introduce an alternative, still a comparison.

For example, "The international visitors will not find a better place to visit than our city".We also use the conjunction "than" to help us compare longer phrases, such as "I would rather walk to the museum than go there by bu".

We might make the comparison clearer by saying "I would rather walk to the museum than go to the museum by bus." In this sentence, the rejected alternative in introduced by the conjunction "than".

Great! Now that you have reviewed each of these concepts, you have reinforced the knowledge you have learned thus far.