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Review Lesson 28

Review Lesson 28

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Review Lesson 28

Hello! We have learned a lot in these last few lessons. Let us take a moment to review what we have learned.

We learned about some of the irregular simple past tenses. These verbs do not end with the familiar "-ed" as the other simple past tense forms do, which means that their endings are difficult to predict. The irregular past tense group which best shows the usage of the irregular past tense is the group which makes specific vowel changes in the word, such as “bring” and “brought”.

The irregular group which is the easiest to learn is the group in which no changes are made, where the base form of the verb is the same as the simple past tense, such as “put”.

In the next lesson, we learned that one group of verbs has a change of the sound inside the word, such as the verb “sleep” which becomes “slept” in the past tense.

In the next lesson on irregular verbs in the past tense, we learned that some verbs that have miscellaneous internal vowel changes in their past tenses, such as “run” and its past tense, “ran”.

Then, we learned about a group of verbs that is related in another tense form. We learned that the simple past tense forms for the verb "to be" are "was" and "were". The simple past tense of the verb "to eat" is "ate", "to fly" is "flew", "get" is "got", "to forget" is forgot”, "to give" is "gave","to go" is "went", "to see" is "saw", "to speak" is "spoke", and finally, "to wear" is "wore."

Great! Now that you have reviewed each of these concepts, you have reinforced the knowledge you have learned thus far.