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Review Lesson 33

Review Lesson 33

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Review Lesson 33

Hello! We have learned a lot in these last few lessons. Let us take a moment to review what we have learned.

First, we learned to use some common interjections. An interjection is an exclamatory or extra word which does not have any grammatical connection to the rest of the sentence it is in. An interjection is used to express surprise, excitement, disappointment, disgust or other strong emotion. An interjection is used as a filler word or a word to smooth the transition from one part of a statement to another. Sometimes an interjection is used to express the speaker's belief that something should be obvious. We learned such interjections as “Ouch!”, “Dang!”, “Oops”, and “Duh”.

Then, we learned some common idiomatic expressions. Idioms are expressions whose meanings are not predictable from the usual meanings of the constituent words used. We learned idioms of lack, complaint, discomfort, and danger. We have several ways of saying there is no more of something, of telling someone to be careful, or that something doesn't function properly. We learned to say that you have no money, that you are going to be sick, that you have made a mistake, or that someone lost their job. We learned to ask or tell people to wait, to tell a secret, to call a meeting, or to go to bed.

Finally, we learned more idiomatic expressions. We learned different ways to greet someone, how to describe an expensive item, how to answer questions you don't know the answer to, and the many metaphors of a book. We learned how to answer a joke, what to say when someone is being rude, and how to ask for a restroom.

Great! Now that you have reviewed each of these concepts, you have reinforced the knowledge you have learned thus far.