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Vocabulary Builder - Expressions with 'of'

Vocabulary Builder - Expressions with 'of'

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  Vocabulary Builder - Expressions with "of"


Hello! In this lesson, we will learn several expressions in English, which are used with the preposition “of”. As we already know, the preposition “of” has many varied usages.


It is sometimes used as a way to express possession. It is sometimes used to describe a part of a whole. It is sometimes used to tell about a container of a substance.It is also sometimes used to describe a distance relative to a specified point.


In our study of English, we encounter the preposition “of” in many environments. It is another of the little words which are important in providing explicitness to our language. In this lesson, the preposition “of” is used in expressions to describe different food items, and most are describing amounts or parts of food.


Listen carefully to the pronunciation of each word and watch the shape of my mouth as I speak. Then, say each word while watching your own mouth on the webcam. If you do not have your webcam connected, simply practice repeating the words.

ear of corn

filet of fish

head of cabbage

head of cauliflower

head of lettuce

loaf of bread

order of …  (fries, onion rings, cottage cheese)

pat of butter

piece of cake

section of grapefruit

slab of ribs

slice of bread

slice of pie

slice of pizza

stalk of celery
fifth of whiskey

kilo of .. (kg.)

liter of … (l.)

ounce of … (oz.)

pint of ...

pound of beef  (lb.)

quart of milk

Excellent! In this lesson we learned a lot of expressions which use the preposition “of”. You may revisit this lesson at any time if you need to remind yourself of any of this material.