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Airport Checkin - Part 1

Airport Checkin - Part 1

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Checking in to an Airline

Hello! In this lesson, we will learn the English associated with checking in at an airline. We will learn about checking in and booking a flight when we do not have a reservation and checking in when we have a reservation.

If you do not have a reservation, but would like to book a flight, you can go to the airline counter and you might say "I'd like to book a flight to ______ (state your desired destination).". You might also ask "When is the next available flight to _______?" or "Can I get a flight to ________?".

The agent might ask "When do you want to fly?" or "When would you like to book for?". The agent might ask "For when?" or "Do you want to go out today?".

You could say "I want to go today if I can." or "I'd like to travel today, if possible." You might say "Are there any flights available today?" or "Could I go out yet today?". If it is not necessary to fly out today, you might say "I'd like to travel as soon as possible." or "Are there any flights to _____ available this week?".

If the agent finds a flight for you, he or she might say "I have a flight going out this afternoon at 5:50. I could get you on that one.", or "There's a flight on another airline today. I could try to get you on that one.". The agent might say "I'm sorry we don’t have any flights to _______ today. Maybe you can try another airline.".

The other possibility is that you have a reservation for a flight. In that case, you can go to the airline counter and you might say " I have a reservation for Flight _(number)____ to _(destination)___." or "I have a reservation for a flight to ___(destination) at __ time__.".

If you have a reservation, or if the agent finds a flight for you, the agent will want to know how you are paying for the ticket. If you have a reservation, the airline already has your credit card number. However, if you are booking the flight now, the agent will ask "How are you paying?". You will need to pay with cash or credit card. The agent might ask "Are you paying with cash or credit?" or "How would you like to take care of this?" or "How would you like to cover this?". In this question, both "take care of" and "cover" mean the same as "pay for.".

When you book your flight and pay for it, the agent will need to verify that you are who you say you are. The agent will ask "Can I see a picture ID?"or "I need to see a photo ID." or "I'd like to see a photo ID please.". The agent will ask "Is that your correct address?" or "Is this your current address?" or "Is your current address on your ID?". They might ask for a current phone number by saying "May I have a number where you can be reached?" or "Do you have a number where we can reach you?" or "What is your phone number?" or "We need a phone number where you can be reached.". Some agents might speak more informally and ask "How can we get hold of you?" or "How can we reach you?" or "What is your daytime number?" or "What is your daytime phone number?".

After you have made arrangements for payment, the agent will ask you if you are checking any luggage by saying "Are you checking any luggage?" or "Are you checking anything through?" or "Do you have any checked baggage?". If you have luggage that you want to check through to your destination, you will need to place it on the scale. The agent might say "Put your luggage on the scale." or "Place your baggage on the scale." or "We need to weigh your suitcase.".

Many airlines have a charge of $25 or $50 for each checked bag. If there is a charge, the agent might say "There is a $50 charge per bag. How do you want to pay for that?" or "How would you like to cover the $50 per-bag charge? ". An answer might be "I'll pay cash." or "I'll put that on my credit card.".

You will need to make sure you have an ID tag on your baggage. The airline will provide a luggage tag if you do not have one. The agent might say "Put an ID tag on your bag, please." or "Here's an ID tag for your baggage.".

The agent will also place a wrap on your suitcase handle. The wrap will indicate the destination to the luggage handlers.
You will receive a boarding pass or several boarding passes if you are making a trip with stopovers. The agent might say "Here is your boarding pass." or "These are your boarding passes.". Your flight number and seat assignment will be on the boarding pass.

The agent will direct you to the X-ray area, where you will take your checked luggage to be examined before it is loaded onto the airplane.
In the next lesson, we will practice checking in at the airline counter.