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Making a Hair Appointment

Making a Hair Appointment

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Making a hair appointment on the phone

Hello! In this lesson, we will learn how to make an appointment for barber and beauty services like haircuts and beauty treatments. In another lesson, we learned how to make an appointment over the phone.

Since the steps are the same for making most appointments for personal and medical services, please review (official name of lesson) if you need some practice before calling to make your appointment.

A large beauty salon can be expected to have hair services including haircuts, hair styling, chemical services such as bleach, color, permanents, as well as hair conditioning, hair extensions, skin treatments, waxing, and manicures and pedicures.

Some large salons have massage areas and tanning beds. Some salons offer alternative tanning, such as spray-on (paint) tanning.

A small beauty salon might offer only haircuts and some chemical services, like hair color and permanents. Some beauty salons are one-person businesses, operated by a proprietor with only minimal services.

After calling the beauty salon and giving your name, it is time to tell why you are calling. You might say "I'd like to make an appointment for a haircut and highlight." Or "I would like to make an appointment for a leg and bikini wax." or "I'd like to make an appointment for a cut and color." You might say "I need to make an appointment for a perm and a manicure.". The short word "perm" means "permanent wave" or "permanent", a process for chemically curling your hair.

If you asked for a highlight, the receptionist might ask "Do you get your hair foiled or pulled through a cap?". When the receptionist asks you whether "you get your hair foiled or pulled through a cap", she is asking what method you generally prefer when you get your hair highlighted, whether you have your hair bleached and wrapped in sections in foils or whether the stylist pulls strands of hair through a plastic cap. You might say "I get my hair pulled through a cap.".

The receptionist might say "How long is your hair?". The reason for these questions is to better gauge the length the appointment will need to be. You might answer "My hair is very short – it is cut in a boy cut." or "My hair is collar-length." or "My hair is shoulder length.".

The receptionist might say "Is your hair curly or straight?". You might answer "My hair has a natural wave." The receptionist might ask "Is your hair very dark?" You might say "It is dark brown." or "My hair is reddish brown." or "My natural color is dishwater blond.".

The receptionist asks these questions to help gauge how long the appointment will need to be for the chemicals to work in your hair.
Now that we have an idea of how making a telephone appointment might go, let us listen to a dialog.

In this dialog, Jennifer is calling a salon to make an appointment for a haircut and a highlight. The receptionist has answered by saying the name of the salon and her own name. Jennifer has already given her name. Now she asking for an appointment.

Jennifer: I'd like to make an appointment for a cut and a highlight.

Receptionist: Have you been here before?

Jennifer: No, I'm new in town.

Receptionist: Fine, Jennifer. How long is your hair?

Jennifer: It's medium length, not down to my shoulders.

Receptionist: And what color is your hair?

Jennifer: It's blond.

Receptionist: Okay, great. Tammy has an opening at 1:45 on Thursday.

After this, Jennifer and the receptionist verify the time of the appointment, Jennifer thanks the receptionist, and they close the conversation.

The receptionist begins this conversation by saying the name of the salon and her own name. What are some of the reasons you might need to make an appointment? Here is a list of things you might say:

"I'd like to make an appointment :
for a haircutfor a haircut

for a cut and stylefor a cut and shave

for a cut and colorto get my beard trimmed

for a highlightto get my mustache trimmed

for a lowlight

for a perm

to get hair extensions

for a manicure / to get a manicure

for a manicure and pedicure / to get a manicure and pedicure
to get my legs waxed

for a bikini wax / to get a bikini wax

for an eyebrow wax / to get a bikini wax"

The receptionist asks Jennifer whether she has been to the salon before. "Have you been here before?" she asks. Jennifer responds "No, I am new in town.". She could have said, "No, this is my first visit." or "No, this will be my first time.".

What if Jennifer is a regular client?". She might say "I am a regular client. Brenda always cuts my hair.". Maybe the last time you visited this salon, you had a horrible haircut. You could say "I was there two months ago. I'd like to try a new stylist.". Don’t worry about asking to change stylists if you'd like to.

The receptionist asks "How long is your hair?. She could have asked "What is the length of your hair?" or "Do you have long or short hair?" or "Is your hair very long?".

The receptionist needs as much information as possible so she can allow the right amount of time for your appointment.

Jennifer says, "It's medium length, not down to my shoulders.". She could have said "It's short – about two inches on top." or "It's really short." or "I wear it just below my ears." or It's shoulder length." or "It's very long – about halfway down my back.".

The receptionist asks "What color is your hair?" What are some colors of hair and how can we say them?
We can say "I have _______ hair." For example, "I have black hair."
We can say "My hair is _______." For example my hair is dark brown."
Here are some other colors of hair:


brown with blond highlights

light brown

reddish brown



dishwater blond (This color is a light brownish blond.)


blond with black lowlights

platinum blond (This color is a white blond.)

salt and pepper gray (This color is black and white mixed)




After Jennifer and receptionist agree on a time and verify it with each other, Jennifer thanks the receptionist and they close the conversation by saying "Good-bye."

Great! You can make an appointment at a beauty salon or barber shop. There will not be many questions if you just need a haircut. Good luck at the hair salon! "You will look great!"