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Hello! In this lesson, we will learn about the different colors in English. Colors in English are used in exactly the same manner as adjectives. You will remember from previous lessons that adjectives are words which modify nouns or pronouns. Adjectives give us more information about a noun or a pronoun. The same can be said about colors. Let us look at an example of using colors.

The tree is green.
Notice that the color “green” is used in exactly the same manner and placement as any other adjective. The color “green” gives us more information about the noun “tree”. This follows the now familiar pattern of noun or pronoun-conjugated form of the verb “to be”-adjective. In this example, the adjective is a color. Let us look at a several more examples of using colors.

The dog is brown.

The house is yellow.

The boat is white.

Let us now look at several examples of colors in simple questions. You will notice that the form of each question is exactly the same: conjugated form of the verb “to be”-noun or pronoun-color . You will be familiar with this form from previous lessons about adjectives.

Is the dog brown?

Notice that the color brown is used in exactly the same manner and placement as any other adjective.

Is the house yellow?

Are the boats white?

Is the tree green?

If you are able to use adjectives in sentences, then using colors as adjectives will be easy for you. If you are having problems with this concept, please review previous lessons on the use of adjectives.
Now we will learn the English names of the most common colors.











These are the most commonly used names of colors in English, although, as is the case of most adjectives, there are often several names for the same color which are all equal to each other. For example, the colors “purple” and “violet” are exactly equal. People often use less common names of colors either to refer to a particular shade of a color, or to use a more poetic form of a color's name. We will learn more of these less commonly used names of colors in a future lesson.

Now that you have a basic understanding of using colors, it is your turn to practice speaking in English.