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Review Lesson 9

Review Lesson 9

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Review Lesson 9

Hello! We have learned a lot in these last few lessons. Let us take a moment to review what we have learned.

We learned about the use of the verb “do” to form simple questions and answers in English, which is a a very common method of forming questions and answers. We learned that the verb “do” is *not* regular in the present tense and that the forms “he”, “she”, and “it” are conjugated as “does”. The pattern of these simple questions is conjugated form of the verb “do” - noun or pronoun – main verb. For example, we may ask “Do you like vegetables?” The affirmative answer to this question is simply “Yes, I do.” The negative answer to this question is simply “No, I do not.”

Great! Now that you have reviewed each of these concepts, you have reinforced the knowledge you have learned thus far.