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Numbers 11-20

Numbers 11-20

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Part 2: 11-20

Hello! In this lesson we will learn the English cardinal numbers from eleven to twenty. The cardinal numbers are critical to developing your skills in English. They will assist you with dates, time, and of course, counting. The numbers system may seem complex at first, but soon you will notice a pattern.

We will begin this lesson by learning the numbers eleven to twenty. Once you are able to master these numbers, you will find that many of the other numbers are composed of these. Let's start by looking at the numbers and saying them aloud.

11 eleven

12 twelve

13 thirteen

14 fourteen

15 fifteen

16 sixteen

17 seventeen

18 eighteen

19 nineteen

20 twenty

Let's practice with these numbers. Once you have memorized all of them, many other numbers will be simple to remember, as you will notice a pattern in the names of the numbers.

Many of these numbers are composed from the names of numbers you have already learned. The number “eleven” must simply be memorized, as it does not derive its name from any other number. Notice that he numbers “twelve” and “twenty” each begin with the letters -tw, that is because they derive their names from the number “two”.

The numbers “thirteen” to “nineteen” all follow a similar pattern. The name of each number begins with a form of the number ten less than it, and ends with the letters -teen. For example, “thirteen” gets its name from a form of the number “three”, “thir-” and ends with the letters -teen. “Fourteen” derives its name from the number “four” and ends with the letters -teen. “Fifteen” is derived from the number “five” and the ending -teen, but notice the ending of the number “five” has been changed from -ve to -f. “Sixteen” is “six” and -teen. “Seventeen” is “seven” and -teen. “Eighteen” is “eight” and -teen, but notice that one -t has been dropped. And, finally, “nineteen” is “nine” and -teen.

As you can see, each number has derived its name from one of the first ten digits, and this makes it much easier to memorize the name of each number.

Excellent! Now that you have a more thorough understanding of the English cardinal numbers, you can now count in English from zero to twenty. Practice what you have learned and soon we will learn how to count to one hundred and beyond.