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Review Lesson 18

Review Lesson 18

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Review Lesson 18

Hello! We have learned a lot in these last few lessons. Let us take a moment to review what we have learned.

First, we learned how to use the conjunction “but”, which indicates a contrast between two words, two phrases, or two entire sentences. The conjunction "but" provides an efficient way of referring to the previous clause without repeating it. Remember that we do not need to repeat the subject and verb if they are shared by the two clauses. We also learned that the conjunction "but" has an implied contrast which streamlines communication.

Then, we synthesized all the information we learned about locations and learned how to give directions and understand when we are given directions. We learned that some expressions are idiomatic, and that is it easier to give initial directions in terms of some specific location. We learned that it is easier to learn directions if we imagine we are going to follow the directions ourselves.

Great! Now that you have reviewed each of these concepts, you have reinforced the knowledge you have learned thus far.