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Vocabulary Builder - Transportation

Vocabulary Builder - Transportation



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Vocabulary Builder- Transportation

Hello! In this lesson, we will learn several nouns in English which are used to describe types of transportation. Remember that nouns are words which refer to a person, place, or thing. As you learn English, you will discover that there is often more than one word with the same meaning. This is very true with nouns. For example, “automobile” and “car” mean the exact same thing. Likewise, “bicycle” and “bike” mean the exact same thing. Words with the same meaning are called synonyms and are very common in English. The choice of which synonym to use is a matter of personal preference. Let us look at the most common nouns used to describe types of transportation in English.


Listen carefully to the pronunciation of each word and watch the shape of my mouth as I speak. Then, say each word while watching your own mouth on the webcam. If you do not have your webcam connected, simply practice repeating the words.


Excellent! In this lesson we learned several more nouns in English used to describe different types of transportation. Some of the modes of transportation are used for short distances, and others are used for long distances. Some, like a “car” or a “bus”, are used for both short and long distances. You may revisit this lesson at any time if you need to remind yourself of any of this material.